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Celtic Harp and Bontempi Organ EXS instruments

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I've got so much from this forum that I thought I'd give a little back.


Here's two EXS instruments that I've made, one of a cheap celtic harp, and the other of a Bontempi toy organ. They were both either recorded just with Zoom H4n stereo condensors, or a blend of them and an SM57, I can't remember.


The Bontempi comes with two versions, "BontempiMulti.exs" is tuned to concert pitch, as the organ is hideously out of tune. There are clicks of hitting the keys on the Bontempi samples because I wanted them for the project I made it for, but if you don't like them you can adjust the attack on the EXS. It has just one velocity layer, as it is not velocity sensitive itself (it just pitches down if you press a key softly). It does have quite a nice reedy sound though.




The celtic harp includes some percussive tapping of the frame, and the samples are stretched out to make it chromatic. I think it has four velocity layers,


PM me if you're desperate to have the harp.


I'll post photos if anyone's interested.


Hope they come in useful for someone! :D

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I've downloaded them, will play around with them later.


Cheers :)

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Thanks, Reverend! Looking forward to checking them out :)



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Just writing a piece for the two of those instruments now. That harp rocks (in a tinkly kind of way.) Very authentic!


I did a bit of adjusting of the relative volumes of the harp's layers but it's a really nice sounding instrument and I anticipate using it in other projects.


Love the organ too, nice and reedy and understated. Great character!


Thanks for these instruments.

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i can use them all possbie uses expect selling and redistrubing them ?

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