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My first recording in Logic - Comments Please

Old Mac Donald

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Thanks for the comment David. No, not my first music production per se but my first effort using a computer to capture music. I started my apprentice with a trusty old analogue Tascam 4-tracker then moved up to a Tascam 8 track that had a built-in reel-to-reel (a weird looking thing but sounded OK for the money). Unfortunately I dropped it down a flight of steps moving to a new flat and the repair guesstimate was more than what I paid for the actual unit so I saved my shekels and eventually got hold of an all-in-one BOSS BR1600CD unit. This gave me a few more tracks than I'd been used to although, even though it claims to be a 16 track unit it's technically a 12 or summat 'cos of the stereo tracks toward the end of the console.


Anyway, I recorded what became a showcase 'demo' album on the BOSS unit and, if nothing else, it got me a small song writer's publishing deal with a company in Italy. Trouble was, when they tried to tout some of the songs off my album to their contacts the companies they sent my work to (radio stations, TV, etc.) said that, although they really liked my compositions, the quality was not good enough for commercial airplay. I'm still struggling with that (even in Logic) as I feel I'm definitely more of a musician than an engineer/producer!


Listening back to that first demo album i amde though the feedback I got was right. The highest recording quality on that BOSS unit was 16-bit and, in hindsight compared with this first Logic recording I've made, everything I did on the old unit sounds ..... 'mushy' is the only way I can describe it.


I got some money from the publishing deal and decided to sell the BOSS unit and invest in a decent professional recording rig. After much research it came down to either a Pro-Tools or Logic set-up. As you see/hear, I went with Logic. It's taken me a good year or so to try and get my head around it all although I have spent much of this last year also trying to build a soundproof shack in which to make my noise. I am now the proud owner of THE world's smallest recording studio!!! I'm never done with this Logic set-up! There's always a STACK of new stuff to learn - the thing is immense (and also GREAT fun!) The only limit is one's imagination really!


This site has been an invaluable source of information to me! You folks ROCK!!!! Now the time has come for me to get on and finally make some music with my new recording gear in my home-made recording shack. Like I say, the above track is my first bare-bones attempt to try and get my head around this new technology. I would imagine that my future Logic projects will become progressively more involved as I learn more about recording & production operations in the digital domain.


More regular postings to The Listening Booth coming soon (I hope!)


Watch this space ........

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