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Mysterious clicks


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I have a bassline on an audio track, and it does not click at all inside the project, sounds clean. But after bouncing it (or during a realtime bounce), it clicks significantly at a couple of points.


I think I've tried all basic practical approaches.


Anyone know what could be causing these clicks?

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ski, thank you, as this issue has become important because removing these 2 clicks will be the final step in mixing, and sorry for the late response.


I had already tried soloing the track and bouncing, it's still there.


The only automation on the track is volume, I tried deleting all of that and it's still there after bounce.


The only plug-in I have on the track is Channel EQ, and no sends.. this makes no sense!


David, which clock setting? The only related thing I see in Maestro under Tools is "Reset Symphony Clocking" and its grayed out.

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