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MIDI Foot Controller for Mainstage????


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Hello, I am very new to Mainstage, and was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of solid Midi Foot Controller for my keyboard in Mainstage.


I was also wondering, if I can use all VST'S from Kontakt in Mainstage?


Thanks in advance

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I personally don't trust Behringer, but this thing looks pretty functional/adaptable:




There's also the Apogee GiO. No expression pedal, and might not be exactly what you're looking for for a keyboard, but could be useful.

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I have VERY GOOD things to say about Behringer:

I have had a BCF2000 for almost 6 years now that is so beat up and sick looking, but functions flawlessy.


I also have the above mentioned FCB 1010 foot controller, and I must admit, it has changed the way I do my business in Mainstage.


A word of caution on Behringer: their manuals have a reputation for being HORRENDOUS. I don;t know if it is a cultural thing, because lets face it, human logic is very much based on "culture", but they are completely unintuitive and impossible to understand.

If you go with the FCB 1010, be warned: it is no easy beast to tame: programming it by hand is a nightmare.

Using iFCB is the software solution you need.

The beauty of the FCB 1010 is that every switch can be programmed to send completely different MIDI information on multiple channels...I've never seen anything quite like it. It took me a month to wrap my head around how to use it, but now I am VERY happy with it, and I keep discovering all kinds of new and cool things I can do with it...like triggering video clips along with my Playback loops!!

More on that later...



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...oops I forgot to mention another thing about Behringer:


They make some really great audio gear, like the Finalizer and the like, but you really have to be careful about their mixers.


The pre-amps are embarassingly bad in my experience, but when it comes to DACs, you get what you pay forjavascript:emoticon(':wink:')

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