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Editing a Track with Multiple Takes


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Hi, all--


I've been having a problem logging in to say thanks to Scotty who helped me on another thread. If this post goes through, I hope he will see that I appreciated his advice--it's made a big difference!




I've got an audio track with multiple takes;


I expose them all and comp together the best performance, then fold them back up;


And now I decide I'd like to edit the comp'd track--either by cutting something out and pasting or punching in a new section, or copying a bit from the end to the front.


That only causes chaos--the track suddenly becomes composed from pieces of rejected takes, and wildly out of order as well--all I have to do is click on the track, in fact, and sometimes it undoes all my comping in weird ways.


I have flattened the tracks out, but it hasn't helped.


Anyway ideas?





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