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[SOLVED] Removing clicks from a track quickly?


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I'm struggling to edit out some clicks using the audio inspector within Logic, so am thinking is there either a quick way to remove clicks within Logic, or a fool-proof way to do it in Soundtrack Pro?


I've tried zooming in and trying to redraw the wave file but it's either impossible to find the click or nigh on impossible to remove it through redrawing I've found. I might just be s*it at it, but I get the feeling there must be an easier way...


Thanks for any pointers,



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You might find STP useful for this:


Select region(s) in the Arrange, and choose Options:Audio:Open in SoundTrackPro (This will send all files (not regions) over to STP)


In STP, choose the Analysis Tab in the Left Pane, check the Clicks and Pops box and tweak the Threshold slider to suit.


Anything that STP thinks is a click or pop will be highlighted in red in the File Editor. You can choose to fix/leave each or fix all (automatic fixes).


Alternatively, you could zoom in on the waveform and redraw the waveform as in Logic's Sample Editor.


When you are done, use File:Save and switch back to Logic.








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