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Ducker plug-in faulty in 9.1.4? [SOLVED]

Holger Lagerfeldt

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I'm not sure what you really mean.


The sidechain signal shouldn't be audible and never is unless the dynamic processor has a sidechain solo feature that enables you to listen to the sidechain in solo.


The sidechain is the signal that passes through to the control circuit which then tells the amplifier how to modify the input audio. It's a control signal, not something you're supposed to hear in the audio chain.


If the sidechain is audible you'll get both signals playing at the same time (and delayed since there's a lookahead feature), which means the Ducker is unusable at the moment.

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If I understand the issue correctly, p 97 of the Studio Effects manual might shed some light?



"Note: Unlike all other side-chain-capable plug-ins, the Ducker side chain is mixed with the output signal after passing through the plug-in. This ensures that the ducking side-chain signal—the voice-over—is heard at the output."



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Pity the Ducker has a faster release than the Logic Compressor..

You can get a faster release with teh different settings to chose from with logics compressor (opto ect). But all of those come with a dirty signal when the sidechain Trigger scource plays.

I am not happy with the smallest release rate of the Logic compressor.. Can anyone recommend a 3rd party ( not to expensive ) compressor that has a fast release?


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