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Pitch Shifter Delay Compensation with ReWire?


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first of all Im new to the forum,, so HELLO!!





i been working on a project with logic 9 + reason 5,,,,, all reason devices are sequenced in reason,,,,,, in logic i have 1 aux channel with RW:Mix L/R as input.


when playing back individual parts of the song i haven't noticed anything,,, but when I bounced,,,, or I played back the track form the beginning (in Logic, not in reason!!!!!) I experienced sync issues.


i started looking for the problem:


in the bounce the reason rewire track was playing early,,,,, but when i turned off plug in delay compensation,,, it was back on grid


i tried to repeat this behaviour in another project but couldn't,,, so i was looking further,,, eventually i found out that when logics pitch shifter plugin was not present in the project,,, the reason track was playing in sync again with plug in delay compensation on.


if u want to try this out,,, create a rewire project,,,, create a RW:Mix L/R aux track in logics mixer,,, create another track in logic (instrument or audio) with a pitch shifter plugin (or more for greater effect) as insert,,,, sequence something in reason,,,,,,, bounce,,,, import bounce back to project and compare to grid, or bounce with pitch shifter off!!


also same with waves sound shifter.


Does this only happen to me, am I doing something wrong or am I missing something :/,,,,,,,,,, have i found a BUG???? :D


anyways,, thanks for hearing me out :)

also would appreciate some comments on this,,, thx!!!!!!

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