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WaveBurner - CD Burning Garbage Audio

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I've been looking everywhere online for help, none to be found. Here's what's going on - WaveBurner has just started burning trashy audio onto CDs.

After I've done all my tweeks and checked for clipping = peak @ 0.0db. Bounced the Project, checked clipping again, still all good =0.0db Everything sounds great, but I burn it and it sounds like crap! heavy distortion throughout.


I copied the entire project onto my thumbdrive and transferred it to my Mac Book Pro laptop and it burns perfectly.


I've tried everything I can think of, even burned at a peak of -8.0 with no plug ins and still sounds like crap. itunes burns fine on the same computer so It's gotta be software right?


Please HELP! Trying to finish a project for a client and Apple wants big $ to even talk to me.


Thank you very much.

p.s. no WaveBurner Forum?

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After I tweek all the regions I "bounce project" which puts all the plug-in processed regions on one stereo. Then I check for clipping (i also checked before bouncing). If it passes again - I click DISK---->Burn. burn 1 copy @ 4x speed check Underwrite Protection. Then BURN.


Right? Like I said, it works on my laptop with the same project, same steps.... perplexed

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