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Ultrabeat Anomaly


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Hi all.


I tried to copy a voice from one note to another in ultrabeat. When I do this, it resets one of the other voices I have programmed and I cannot figure out why.


For example, If I pick a voice, say on E1 and copy it to say F1, the voice I have programmed on G2 gets reset, but it's only the voice on G2 that resets. No other voices are affected!


Even if I duplicate the voice on G2 to some other random notes and the try copying any other voices, the voice on G2 and it's duplicates all become reset. It's driving me mad!


Also, if I try importing a sound from from an EXS kit to any note in ultrabeat the same thing happens. The voice on G2 and it's duplicates reset themselves.


Has anyone ever come across this?

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