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Links to some of my work (advice please :))


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Hi everyone,


I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to recording and would like to get some feedback on how to make my heavy guitars sound tighter and more professional. I am using Guitar Rig 3/4 for these recordings. It's no where near the standard of quality that you guys can get but I'm hoping I can glean some knowledge from you guys. Some of these are just short clips.


Thanks in advance.









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ok, a little less self criticism! really! You've got a lot of talent man.


On sound - I dig what you do. I think the biggest place for improvements are on drums TBH. Drums are hard to get right when you're doing it yourself. At least for me; some people I hear on here I just can't fathom.


Have you tried giving each of the drum parts different tracks so you can play with different verbs/compressors/bus verbs/samples/PANNING!/etc.. I think that's the biggest thing that helped me get drum tracks I could accept. Your fills sound solid


Man I love that Abject Tomorrow track.


Vampyre intro was a bit long, but your mixing between rhythm guitar and drums is a lot better. There's this EQ hole somewhere in there by having your lead guitar out up front but being so sparse.


You're doing good man just keep at it. Quantity over quality. Quality comes on it's own.

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oh, and I would see about listening to this -


study it. listen to how they balance the guitars with the drums. (get a higher quality recording. BUY THE ALBUM if you don't already own it.) Listen to the parts where the other guitar sounds come in to compliment the main. Listen to the breaks where you hear the guiar by itself.


You get that sound, life is good yea? =)

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HI Bob,


Thanks for taking the time to listen and give me your thoughts. I really appreciate it.


I used to use EZ Drummer in Cubase and had begun to experiment with using reverb and different EQ settings for the drums. I don't really know much about panning or compression sadly (which is why I am here :)). When I bought my mac I switched over the Logic and I am now using Superior drummer which, with my very imited knowledge, is like a maze of confusion. I really wish I knew how to use it better because Logic is so much more flexible to me thus far.


I was hoping people could tell me some basic starting points for compression, EQ etc so I could begin to experiment. I really don't know much about them at all.


I only WISH I could get my guitars to be as beefy as "Bleed" by Meshuggah (the link you posted). That would be awesome :)

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Well, starting points: Manual and tutorials: http://www.popmusic.dk/links-us.html <---he's a member on here and knows his stuff. Track down his posts here and on gearslutz.


Presets - Browse em. Know which ones sound close to (or exactly like) the ones you want. If close, adjust. But you have to know what to adjust and smarter people than I have already written on such things. Then one day you'll notice you don't need presets anymore.


[edit] on meshuggah's guitars. I believe they use 7 srings and I don't think it's possible with amp simulators. Rammstein gets a good sound using GR and last interview I read about them was for their Links-2-3-4 track where the rhythm part was recorded/layered 20+ times but I don't think they were using GR at the time.


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I find myself wanting more guitar in the left channe. it feels unbalanced. I think if you were to double up your sound from the left and put one in the right, then add a real crunchy (not gainy) take and put the level just under that you enjoy your sound (if this crunchy track were playing maybe the 4th of the root below the root you'd like it even better!)


Bass sounds unhappy. an unhappy bass is a bad bass. I can easily hear it when playing and I think that's usually a bad sign for this music. I mean, Dream Theater does it, but if you want to go for that sound the bass should have a clisper, tighter high end, yea? Is your bass your guitar, digitally tuned down? It sounds like it. if it is, or if it's not, take what you have and put bitcrusher on there. don't over due it, but at small gain increases you can get alot of interesting higher harmonics in there (good for snares too).


You do have a much better chug to chord volume control and that's GREAT, but overall I don't like the sound as much. Especially in the kick. Comparing it to Abject Tomorrow there's this concert bass drum feel to it that is appealing to me. Very powerful. :shrug: but it's opinion, either way the SONGS are good so no worries there.


OK - at the 3ish minute mark for AT you do this heavy chug rhythm and it's awesome, but the chug has too much low end and fuddles up the bass/kik/gtr relationship. You don't have that problem now, but you've also lost a lot of power/emotion.



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Thanks for listening bob!


The bass is actually programmed as I didnt have my bass guitar here to record with. I have some good ideas as to how to make the track sound even better when I get record it.


I think I understand why the guitar feels unbalanced as I'm not sure I got the exact same EQ settings (I rolled off the high end to take away some hiss) on both tracks.


I'm surprised you don't like the sound as much. I feel that Abject Tomorrow is so weak in comparison to this new recording.


Thanks for listening though.

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I adjusted my volume for each comparison (and I did a lot) and I think it's just the power/emotion loss. I love the music/ideas a lot, just feels tame.


Identifying the tame, I really just think you need to add one or two more guitar tracks and fix the bass. I mean as it stands, it's sort of expecting another track to come in right with a drum change or measure before vox start. It has that side heavy, not entirely full spectrum sound.


does any of that make sense?

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