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Get Logic to see .bundle plugins?


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Hey, thanks for the reply!


They're Waves plugins. Very good from what I've heard.


So in the Waves folder in my Applications, there's a 'Waves Plugins' folder (where the .bundle of the plugins are) and then there's a 'Waveshells' folder.


In there was a WaveShell-AU.component which I dragged to Users/(me)/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components... didn't work though. Does a .bundle maybe have to be unwrapped somehow?


- Thanks

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Figured it out!


Logic will recognize the .bundles fine. I had it installed already but needed to run the AU Register Utility they included. Then I just copied the Waves Plugins folder to /Plug-Ins/. I fired up Logic, it scanned them, and now I'm good to go.



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