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Crashes during com edit-pls help.


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My Imac crashed several times during comp edit.It was a pretty bad experience,specially when I'm still fresh on the comp editing scene so I would like to know what went wrong.

I recorded a 15 minute speech on a project on a 48000 sample rate.The project also contained about 8 audio tracks about 15 minutes long.The crashes began to come when I tried editing the 15 min speech.

This is how I went about editing the speech.(Except for a few overdubs the speech was pretty much a single take,although I stopped & started from stop position about 4 times during recording.)While editing I had to cut several portions of the speech & move it forward since I had to cut out the pauses to save time.In comp edit mode I would say I cut & moved take regions about a 100 times!( I did cut the top portion of the take,ie the first layer on the take list & I'm not sure if I should have cut the lower portion(s) of the comp layers instead of the one on top.) I did not add effects except some reverb & EQ.This is as best as I can explain it unless there was a way to take a pic internally of how the track looks right now after editing.

The computer crashed about 5 times during the editing process.I would like to know what could be the cause,including room temp since the room was pretty warm & the Imac was on for about 5 hrs.Also is there anyway I could estimate the power used by a song/project so I could free up some tracks,effects etc to avoid a crash?

Thanks for your replies.

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Sorry.I'm using an Imac & the latest version of Logic pro 9.

As for Mac details Mac OS X version 10.6.7

Processor 3.06 Ghz Intel Core i3 & here's more:



Model Name: iMac

Model Identifier: iMac11,2

Processor Name: Intel Core i3

Processor Speed: 3.06 GHz

Number Of Processors: 1

Total Number Of Cores: 2

L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB

L3 Cache: 4 MB

Memory: 4 GB

Processor Interconnect Speed: 5.86 GT/s

Boot ROM Version: IM112.0057.B00

SMC Version (system): 1.64f5

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