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Death Don't Have No Mercy (song)...


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ps - for the music nerds of us out there, here's what happened on our track:


Guitar: Tele (rhythm electric)

Guitar: Les Paul Jr. (solo)

:: electric amps are Gibson GR-15RV + small handmade amp and cab.

Acoustic Guitar: Martin DR

Bass: 70's Guild "chocolate" bass through AMPEG SVT

Drums: Gretsch Catalina


Drums mic'd with three mics: Bass Drum (Shure Beta 52A), Snare (SM57), Overhead/Room (Neumann U-87)


All guitars mic'd with SM57


Bass mic'd with AKG D12; also Direct-In


Vocals mic'd with Shure KSM32 and ElectroVoice 605




Pretty straight forward after that. Mixed in Logic (obviously) using mostly Logic plugs + Waves Renaissance and CLA Bundle. Lagerfeldt's SSL Compressor on the 1-2 Buss.



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