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PDC: when to shut it off and when to use it?


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My understanding is this:


The PDC takes the latency informations from all channels and performs the delay time, advancing a stream or delaying it, to put all streams back into sync.


(1) PDC OFF - Audio only - Mixing and playback without plugins


This is a rather rare case, say your project has audio files only on the tracks with no plugins inserted, or aux busses used to send effects - I believe aux busses themselves do not induce latency, so for grouping purposes alone, no PDC is required - In this case I would shut off PDC, as there are no latency inducing plugins.


(2) PDC ALL - Audio and/or Plugins - Mixing and playback with plugins


As David said, use this mode for mixing or playback.


Interesting side Informatiom - Hat tip to Steve Horelick -Bypassing inserts on the output bus and aux channels in ALL mode does not bypass the latency of those plugins.


(3) PDC Audio and Software Instrument Tracks - Recording


You could call this the recording mode. Here PDC is not applied to Aux and Output channels but the payback of your virtual Instruments and pre recorded audio such as apple loops.


However, note that using inserts that induce latency in this PDC mode must be bypassed.


(4) Low Latency Mode - To be used in combination with (2) ALLmode only


This can be activated from your transport bar and reflects the limitation setting as seen here.




It basically applies the bypass as described in All mode, and selectively bypasses inserts on your instrument channels, selectively according to the limitation setting. So in this case, any plugin that induces more than 9ms latency will be bypassed, and displayed in orange on your list of insert plugins.


Hope that's all correct...

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