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CPU causing crackling

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Out of no were these last few day my Logic has been playing back crackling audio from what i think is because of a CPU over load.


Im Running Logic Express 9.1.5


Macbook 2 gHz dual core with 4 gb of DDR2 800 mHz ram.


I tried multiple projects which never have given me any trouble before. They consist of about 10-15 tracks each, mostly AU tracks. Like i said none of these project have given me trouble before.


Activity monitor show logic taking about 70% CPU load, and the crackling happens when the CPU level in logic gets around 90% max, which happens inconsitantly about every 10 seconds.


Any troubleshooting?

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in audio>devices tab the I/O buffer size is 128 if thats were i should be looking. But i never have changed that.


With that said last week (around the time this problem started) i changed the midi output delay to 22 mili seconds. If that has anything to do with it.

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