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What does hyper editor give you that the piano roll doesn't?


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Easiest way to understand the difference would be to open up both editors yourself and compare. Take a region in which you have notes plus at least two controllers and maybe pitch bend or aftertouch as well. Open the piano roll and you'll see the notes displayed in "piano roll" fashion with all notes of the scale represented on the grid. This gives you room to enter notes or move notes to pitches that you didn't play. And velocity, controller, and pitch bend data can only be displayed individually in the hyperdraw display (when activated). Now, for comparison...


Open that same region in the hyper editor. Use the function "create hyper set for current events" and you'll see a very different display! First off, lanes will appear for only the notes you actually played. There's no room for moving notes to other pitches or for entering notes on other pitches. Second, a lane will be created for every single kind of controller (etc.) data in your region.

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