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"Document 'XXXX.logic' can't be opened"


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I recently had to erase and re-install my Mac OS X operating system due to kernel panics causing my mac to crash about once a week (the solution determined by the Best Buy "Geek Squad" guys was that it wasn't hardware or software but the operating system). So far, no crashes, but we'll see. Anyway, I had to back up all my logic data (project files, plug-ins, etc.). When I re-installed Logic after re-installing the operating system, I tried opening all of my .logic project files but every time I tried to open one it would say "Document 'XXXX.logic' can't be opened". However, any new logic project file that I create by recording, I can save an open with no problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated; I recorded a whole album, and now can't open any of the files.


Thanks so much,


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