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logic overload, now all the audio tracks are different!


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So I was making a Hip Hop mixtape, and i had several projects open when i got an error notice saying that logic overloaded, or something, and it needed to close down. it gave me the option of saving all of my projects, which i did... and when i opened up those projects later, they were different... the pitch on all of the audio tracks were HIGHER!! nothing else is different about them.... not the tempo. not the plug ins. not any of the settings. the one and only difference on all of the projects is that the audio tracks are higher in pitch. ive spent the last week trying to figure out how to make it go back to normal and have been unsuccessful... so i registered with this forum in hopes that someone out there has an answer for me! i spent way too much time editing all of the audio to redo the whole thing, so please please someone tell me how to make it go back to normal!

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