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Editing "Audiobooks"


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Hey guys. I am editing about 15, 20-30 minute audio sessions of spoken word with a basic ambience in the background.


Curious, do you guys know how I can accelerate the editing process, I am spending about 80% of my time cutting out breaths and mouth sounds... and then dragging fades in and out.


Any tips or tricks on how to accelerate this process - greatly appreciated.


You guys f'n rock.



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Marque tool....


Set your main tool to pointer arrow and if you have a mouse set the marque tool to the right click


Now you can select breaths with marque and press delete


Work in shuffle mode so when you move w region it will snap right to the end o the previous region

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yeah fo sure


when i first came to logic (from pro tools) i was very frustrated at how much faster i could edit audio in pro tools


but after working with logic for a while i found it is way better and easier than editing audio in pro toolsever was - thanks to the marque and smart smapping

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