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Can I use my Logic Pro instruments with any other software?


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Greetings all, Logic Pro N00b here, looking for pearls of advice and wisdom from those that know better.



The situation is this: I've bought Logic Pro and have used it several times to mix together a few MIDI tracks or put together a soundtrack for a student film. I love the wide range of instruments that I can make use of when they're hooked up to my MIDI keyboard.


However, recently I've been practicing with a jam band, and have picked up a nice second keyboard for gigs and such. The trouble is that I want access to all those lovely software instruments in Logic. A few times now I've brought along my desktop to gigs, strictly to use Logic's MIDI instruments (pumped out either via my soundcard or just headphone-to-amp), but this is quickly getting tiresome. I'd love to invest in a tiny piece of hardware (a netbook?) that I can bring along to gigs and still have a wild selection of MIDI instruments at my disposal.


Yes, yes, I know that I could spring for a MacBook Air... but I was hoping for a solution that would cost less than $1000, especially since I'll be using it ONLY for jam sessions.


Any advice? If I got a Linux or Windows netbook, would it be possible to somehow import Logic's MIDI instruments to one of their MIDI applications? Or am I looking for a different kind of hardware altogether?


Thanks a million, geniuses.

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1) You should check out MainStage (part of the Logic Studio suite), which is intended for this sort of task. (You will need a fairly powerful Laptop though).


2) (Don't laugh)... GarageBand for the iPad + the camera connection kit and a MIDI Interface.




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