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Recording a L R interface to two separate L R tracks?


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Basically I need to record a source, which is within logic...let's call it track A... to two separate L R tracks (B and C)


I am using a simple m audio mobile pre...the instructions are very very lame....I guess this is more of a logic thing anyway.


I've gotten it to record to one single track fine....how can I split it into and L and an R though?


To simplify this problem a bit....NOTHING is coming through this thing in stereo...nothing pans. Something is wrong with the fundamental setup... this has to be some sort of simple fix..


Check out the pic I posted... I automated the pan of that region to go from one side to the other...as this clip plays, I see the right hand LED light up and slowly fade to the left LED on the m audio....so....the box KNOWS what is going on, I just only hear it in mono. I hate technology. :evil:



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Two separate 1/4s.


Man let me explain a little.


ALL i need to do...




is to send an audio signal from my computer. through my virus ti2. out of that and into a compressor. back into the computer to record.


That. Sounds. SO. Simple.


But. I. Am. About. To. Go. Haywire.


I actually made a post about this a while back, I apologize for the re post but there are some different factors in the equation this time. (and a different interface)


When I actually get everything setup, everything works FINE except there is no stereo. No panning. Which gets REALLY CONFUSING considering that on the actual M audio hardware, the LEDs that correspond with the L and R side light up when I pan something in that direction....but somehow from the M audio to the speakers there is an issue. I TRIPLE checked all of the connections to make sure I didn't have an L and R backwards somewhere.


Should I be able to hit record and see TWO separate tracks, an L and an R, recording in logic? Right now I just have it recording to a single stereo track.

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Here's the rundown.


Computer. USB to the virus. Virus out to the compressor. Compressor out to the M audio. M audio back to the computer.


In audio preferences.


Output: virus

Input: m audio.


I have an audio track which I would like to add gain to with the compressor, stereo.


I hit record and everything comes through, but panning does not work.


Now the solution, I would assume, would be to somehow be able to record to two separate mono tracks in logic simultaneously, which I do not know how to do.




Guys, listen. This is a hassle, I know, but I feel like it has to be something simple. The THIRD interface I have played with does the same thing as the other two. MUST be a setting in logic.


I apologize for practically re posting, but I got nothing out of the last post and feel like I have a better idea of what is going on now.


Just for the record, and with ALL DUE RESPECT to all musicians and people who may feel a certain way about this...


I am well aware that there are VERY nice compressor plugins out there. I have two that cost the same as my relatively cheap hardware compressor.


That said, the hardware, without a single shred of doubt in my mind, sounds better. Like night and day better. Like its worth all this madness to get the damn thing working better.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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You're using TRS cables for the 1/4-inch connections, right?


Are you stereo coupling the 266? My guess is yes.


Then go out of output 1 and 2 of the 266 to the Line 1 and Line 2 on your M-audio.

Create two tracks in Logic to have separate L and R.


That should work, if you're not doing it like that already. If it doesn't, there's something wrong in the signal path.

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Create two tracks in Logic to have separate L and R.



I feel like I have already done this, but could you talk to me like I am three months old just to make sure I am not missing something?


I created two mono tracks, and assumed that being that the L and R of the interface would come in L and R, I wouldn't need to do anything within logic other than create the tracks...is that so?

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