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ESX 24 in mainstage doesn't play samples all the way


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I'm having trouble understanding why 70% of the times esx 24 wont finish playing samples.

does anyone know why?


the samples are fairly long: 4bar@90bpm.

yesterday we played live and it sucked. I got some hot samples to play...


-I tried downgrading the sample conversion to normal in the esx edit.

-the samples are 1 shot enabled.

-I make an mpc1000 play the midi for the esx through a motu ultralite

-I just got a new macbookpro, but I made the projects with my old macbookpro.

-the mainstage projects (and samples) are saved on an external hard drive.


is there some setting I can't find? is it a bug?

let me know. got a show tomorrow...and the day after. I'd love to rock them.



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