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False Notes Trigger At Playhead in arrange.


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Logic 9.1.5, MBP 2GHZ i7, Onyx 1220i as audio interface, Yamaha Motif XF8 song mode (multi) Local off, MIDI set to USB

Logic project uses Motif sounds plus ES2, ESX25.

Here's the problem:

When a MIDI or Software Inst. track is in record ready, clicking top of arrange window (bar/beat) causes random note-on with no no-off, which has to be 'cleared" by switching tracks or resetting the Motif. This only happens if you play the keyboard when Logic is stopped, and then click somewhere on the top of arrange window, OR, if you start recording, it will trigger a "false note" that gets recorded, too.

There are no other programs running, no other controllers, no other external sound sources. I haven't had time to try a different MIDI controller. I have the latest Yamaha USB midi driver installed. Sorry if this has been addressed in prev. posting, could not find it in searches.



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Thanks for the quick suggestion!

Tried it, along with actually trashing the pref. file, same problem, very reproducible, unfortunately.

I set up the exact scenario with a Yamaha S70XS in place of the Motif XF... problem gone!

I guess this will be a question for Yamaha's "BadMister"

Anyone out there with similar problem with Motif XF?

thanks and best regards,


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