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Crazy - side chain compression + HTDA

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So I'm listening to "Parasite" from HTDA (How to Destroika Angels - anyone here play paintball?) and I'm just playing it on my MBP speakers and noticed that they used side chain compression on the distorted bass


Is this a common technique for lower sung vocals? I haven't played with vocals much but for some reason this totally blew my mind - esp because, had I not been listening on my laptop speakers, I would never have noticed (bass is distorted so when it ducks the bass you are only really hearing the higher frequencies of the bass to begin with - easier to tell it's ducked because it totally cuts out).


questions this brings up for me: how have I never noticed? It's kind of concerning. Are my ears just not very good for mixing (a question I've asked myself many times)? Does that even really matter from an artistic standpoint (maybe the most important of these questions). Can you, or have you ever known, people with deficiencies in volume discrepancy (like...their mind focuses on certain aspects of a song at any given moment in timeinstead of the overall, thus leaving room for out of balance mixes).

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