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memory issues [SOLVED]


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Hi, I'm relatively new at Logic but I've been getting some good results so far. Today I have been working on probably my largest project - about 12 or 13 tracks right now. I started getting memory low messages and then all of a sudden I couldn't save any more. Luckily I was able to go into the project backup folder and pull up a recent version. I had way too many plug-ins going, so I removed most of them and now I am able to save again. My problem is I am still getting memory low messages, even without all of the plugins. I still have a few tracks to go - any options?


Do I need to do a partial mixdown - bounce to a smaller number of tracks and start fresh?


My setup is a new macbook pro (i5 processor), 8GB memory, focusrite firewire interface. I dont have any other apps running and I turn off wireless while recording.


Any suggestions appreciated.

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1. Up your buffer size (Logic Pro, Preferences, Audio, I/O Buffer Size). If you've finished tracking you can set it to the max (1024) for mixing as the latency will not matter.

2. Set the input of any audio tracks you are no longer going to be recording on to none.

3. Don't have a software instrument track selected when playing back - unless you're going to record on it

4. Freeze or bounce any tracks that are completed and using a lot of signal processing.


You have a reasonably powerful machine so 1. may be all you need, but the others will help squeeze the max from limited resources.

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