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mic for field recording and guitar.

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Hey everyone. I have a project coming up that will be taking me to southeast asia to study music. I'll be there for 6 months and I would like to have a nice pair of mics to do some field recordings of musicians. I assume both inside and out.

I also will recording acoustic guitar, and would like the pair of mics to double for that.

I'll be recording using a MOTU traveler into my MBP. I don't want to bring anything ultra-fancy because there is a heightened possibility off loss and damage.


Any good recommendations for an all a rounder? I was thinking maybe the Bluebird by Blue.


cheers for your input.

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Hi, maybe not what you want, but I would consider the Zoom H4n. It's got pretty decent stereo condensors (90deg. or 120deg. field width), plus two further inputs for more mics, and it's an audio interface. It's sturdy, and comes with a hard plastic case.


Just a suggestion, if you want to have less stuff to lug around, a field recorder makes sense. Also, if you want to go out without your MBP, you can still stick the Zoom in your pocket in case of random recording opportunities.


Can't say about the Bluebird, not tried one, but no-one has commented yet, so I thought I'd chime in!

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