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Turning all plug-ins off with one click?


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Hello guys,

My friend told me that it is possible to turn all the plug-ins on a channel in one click and that in order to do so you must set some kind of a "circuit" in logics environment.

Does anyone know how to do that?

Having that kind of option would be a great way to hear in a instant of time what the overall processing has done to the signal.

Much appreciated :)

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Yup, you can do it with one button. But it takes a little bit of work in that you'll have to "wire" the circuit (as it were) to each channel that you want to bypass the plugins on.


Here's a link to one such circuit. Look for the post by "shivermetimers":




His is a simple, elegant design.


There are other such environments posted here on LPH, but that one should get you rolling nicely.

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I'm not in front of Logic right now, but if memory serves... create a fader in the environment. With that fader selected, look in the Inspector and you'll see the word "control" on the top of the list of parameters for that fader. Change it to "sysex".

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