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audiounit.cache file

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Hello everyone.

I was wondering of someone could explain to me what is going on.

I have some plug ins that were installed (all by the same company).

Only half of them show up when I call up the Audio Units Manager and do a "Reset and rescan".

I am scanning my plug ins in 32 bit, and I then reopen Logic in 64 bit.

I called the support line for the software company, and the told me to delete the audiounit.cache file.

When I restarted Logic, the AU manager did it's usual rescan of all the plug ins.

This time, the AU manager only recognized about 30 of my 90 plug ins.

Many of my effects, and most of my softsynths were not recognized.

Now if I have not moved ANY of my files after installation, why would this happen?


This is one of those "inner working" things that have me stumped.


Thanks for the help!


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