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need new equipment but i don't know which or what!!!

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It may sound silly but it is actually my situation.


I would like to record rehearsal sessions in a multi track recorder, which needs to portable since I will bring it back to home where I have my iMac and MOTU Ultralite MKIII for Logic looping, effects, mixing and master.


Of course it would be great if I can transfer the audio file from the multi track recorder to logic all at once in separate channels automatically.


Evenmore, it would be lovely if can use it also as a control surface for mixing with logic and can be used also do directly recording to logic using my MOTU Ultralite mk3 as interface and the other equipment for mixing control.


I don't know if this equipment exists but as fas as my research go I've found this two:



TASCAM 2488 neo


Both seem like totally different equipments. My budget is about 600-800 so these are adjusted to my budget.


Is the PreSonus Studio Live 16 is what i need? do i really need to invest 1200 usd? it does look great but does not seem very portable...


thank you for your help in advance.

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First of all, how many inputs do you need?

How do you plan to record the drums?

Guitars and bass direct?

Any vocals?


The Presonus is a full blown portable 16 channel mixer and firewire interface.


The other two you mentioned have less to offer obviously, thus the price.


Thank you, yes I think more detail is needed.

I have MOTU Ultralite Mk 3 which can be used in stand alone mode as mixer so the number of inputs is not really an issue since I can pre-mix drums on MOTU first.

MOTU is also pre-amp. But I have amp equipment so pre-amp is not an issue as long is not as bad as ZOOM 16 or 24.

I need XLR input for condenser mic.

24 bit sampling is desirable.


After some research I have this final candidates:


Cakewalk V-Studio 100


TASCAM 2488 neo

Boss BR-800

PreSonus StudioLive 16 (making a big big effort... I don't know if I really need it because is a lot of money)

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