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Can't validate Liquid Mix (Stereo) with Logic 8?


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I have recently got my self a Focusrite Liquid Mix 32 and have had problems trying to install it.


I have read through forums for a solution, i found that as i am using Snow Leopard i will probably incur problems, i found that by downloading the 2.3 driver for the Liquid Mix that it should work properly.


I have followed the steps, and when opening Logic i need to validate the plug-ins in the AU manager, i have opened this and validated LiquidMix(mono) and i now need to validate LiquidMix(stereo)


However Logic keeps crashing when validating the stereo plug in, however i am able to us the mono plug in


If i am to use the mono plug in does that mean that i cannot use the plug in on a stereo channel i.e. when mastering etc


Any help on installation or the stereo issue would be greatly appreciated

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