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triggering a loop in the ESX 24 without holding a key down?


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hey there


i want to trigger a loop to play using the ESX 24 and an Alesis Control Pad but the loop has to start playing and continue playing after the pad has been hit - cos you can't 'hold down' a key on a drum pad.


the controls in the edit window of the ESX 24 seem to mutually exclude this feature as in i need it to be 'one shot' but i also need it to 'loop' and these two cancel each other out when clicked..


i'd rather not use Mainstage either.


thanks for any help.

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hey there - thanks for you touch tracks file you sent before..


i'm beginning to get the knack of it but how do you get around the fact that it has to be playing to work? because you can't use a loop..


i know that you could make a really long song but i'd always be worried that at some point it would just cut off..


if you use a looped cycle it keeps stopping the audio when it hits the next '1'

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