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cannot open sylenth1 is logic 9.


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im pretty new to this, i bought sylenth1 and i have installed it but i do not have a clue on how to open it in logic 9 or if there is anything else to to do.


this is properly a stupid question but please please could someone help????


thank you so much



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Also bear in mind that Sylenth is a 32bit plugin so, you first have to start Logic in 32bit mode (You only have to do this once to scan in any currently installed 32bit only plugins. If you add any more you will have to do this again) so it scans correctly into the AU 'library' and then you can start Logic in 64bit mode and Sylenth will be scanned again and then appear under 32bit instruments.. (or you can simply run Logic in 32bit mode and it will appear under Instruments as shown in the screenshot above)
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