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Burning projects on CD and formatting the computer


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Hi everyone! :)

I need to format my computer but I'm really paranoid about losing my projects.

I burned everything on CDs and checked them and they are supposed to be OK, but I'm still afraid of losing everything I worked on.

Is there any chance that after formatting I won't be able to open my projects?

Is there anything I need to know or do?


Thanks a lot :)

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You need to check and make sure the projects as you saved them contain all the necessary media files. A great way to check that is to load the CDs containing the projects onto another Logic-Mac computer if you can access one (friend, coworker...?) and try to open them from there. If they open, then they were saved properly.


If that's not practical, then you'll have to trust your own project saving skills. Open your projects and open their Bin from the Window menu so you can see the path of each audio file. Make sure all those audio files have the correct, expected path: to the audio file folder within the project folder.


You could also have a test project, that you burn onto a CD, then delete from the drive, and try to load again from the CD. If that works as expected, then go ahead and delete one of your real projects from your HD (you're about to format it anyway, rather than deleting all your projects at once, you could try a few first), and try to load it from the CD.


Best of luck!

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Man, I'm in a real trouble!

The reason I need to format my Mac is that I have Logic 8 and I recently upgraded it to Lion, and it doesn't support Logic 8, so I need to get Snow Leopard back.

I do have another Mac but it is also Lion so I can't install Logic on it...

I have no way to check the files! :x

Well, then I'll have to trust my project saving skills!

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Its worth noting that Lion can run Logic 8 with a bit of tweaking behind the scenes.


If you read the whole of this thread, in particular GeorgeClooney's piece along with AlexS's bit on page 2... you will see how.. It's really quite simple and works fine as far as I am aware.




Doing this might save you a lot of hassle...

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