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Logic 9.1.5 crash starting MIDI drivers


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...Hola, I just got a new macbook pro with lion. Updated everything and also logic to the 5.1 update (latest).

It crashes when arriving to start midi drivers. Maybe is because i installed novation automap and is not working in lion. The fact is that i uninstalled auto map, erase all midi drivers from novation and still can not start logic.

Do I have to erase some other files or plists?

Does someone have the same issue?



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There are 2 more places to look for MIDI drivers:


Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > MIDI Drivers


Macintosh HD > System > Library > Extensions


Only remove drivers that you specifically installed i.e. Novation


You will need to restart after removing drivers from the Extensions folder.


I see from your signature that you have a MOTU audio interface > make sure you install the latest MOTU drivers - these are Lion compatible.

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Thanx a lot, I didn't know about the HD/library/extensions and there was another novation audio.kext there. I uninstalled Logic and i'm going to install it again, i couldn't start it and was pretty desperate. I don't know what the .kext is I hope it works this time. Protools is running with ought problem



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