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Automation ' Snap ' when recording [SOLVED]


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Hi... i couldn't really find an answer on the search thing soo....


when i record my automation in for a synth or whatever using my little controller the automation snap's back to it's default value if i don't touch that parameter for a bit ( generally quite a short amount of time... like half a bar or something)


So if i was automating the cutoff and was raising it around 60 percent or what not and left it for half a bar, it would suddenly snap back to zero... It's annoying because it kind of messes up the recording and mean's i have to spend ages going back and trying to pick out the little ' snaps '


i was wondering if there was some kind of way to turn this off, ?


I'm recording the automation in Touch mode.


would be ace if i could stop this



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I'm guessing you're using a control surface or TouchOSC or something similar?


In touch mode, the value snaps back to the original value after you release the mouse button or let go of a touch sensitive fader. With TouchOSC and some other control surfaces I've used, it seems to treat the last actual movement as the end of the change and then snaps back after a period of time (maybe governed by the Automation Ramp Time? Other folks here will know that better than me!).


The simple solution is to use Latch instead. It's almost the same, except the last value remains after you release the mouse or stop moving the fader.

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im just using a (lame...) m-audio keyboard to write in the automation..... got a few dial's on it and i just assign stuff as and when sort of thing...


latch! right.... ill give that a bash.... i only ever use read and touch... maybe i should actually learn logic, s#!+....

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