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Sysex Mapper and Fader


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Dear ll


I d like to control the "Feedback" of my Yamaha TG via midi automation from Logic.


The feedback has 8 value, From "00" to "07". Here the sysex string:


F0 43 1n 26 02 06 00 1F 01 78 00 "00 to 07" F7


Where "00 to 07" is the value of the feeback in the yamaha


How can I achieve this? Sysex faders? Sysex mapper?



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Quicker to make an example for you than to explain it. The attached has a sysex fader automated from the arrange with cc 7. The fader's Filter param is set to Match so cc7 doesn't get fed to the Yammy, just the sysex output.


When configuring sysex faders to change parameters like this, be sure you leave the whole string highlighted so you see "Val" in the window. Otherwise it won't dynamically update the value.


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