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Logic Rig Hard Drive configuration help needed!

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Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster here.


I recently purchased an older Mac Pro and Im just starting to finally configure it as my new Logic Studio rig.


I've been thinking about drive configurations and wanted to get the opinion of any SMEs out there.


Option 1.

1 x 250gb internal for Applications only (Logic, Live, Office, Adobe CS, eveything on this drive is re-installable easily, I dont know the exact specs of the drive, I know its 7200 rpm but I dont know the size of the cache)

2 x 1TB (Set up in RAID config) Internal 7200rpm/64mb cache for Samples and Audio


Option 2

1 x 1TB Internal 7200rpm/64mb cache for Applications only (Logic, Live, Office, Adobe CS)

1 x 1TB Internal 7200rpm/64mb cache for Sample and Audio

1 x 2TB External drive for TimeMachine Backups.


I dont know much about RAID configs, would it be beneficial in terms of speed to have my audio drive in a RAID config?


Thanks in advance for your input and I welcome any alternative options you think would work well in my situation.



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