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latency for newbie


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Hello,I am new to this forum and i have a question .

I hope somebody can answer this question.

I am newbie on Logic so don't shoot me.

I have a new iMac quad core 2.5/ i5/ 4g with lion 10.7.1 and a audio interface from cakewalk ua g1 (asio)

I want to buy Logic 9.

I don't use any gear out of the box for recording in Logic like example hardware synths or guitar.

Now when i only use logic itself with the instrument plugins and maybe other vst'i

how far or hard can i go without having latency ?

And when i do have latency ,what can i do about that ?

Can it be that when i don't use outboard gear i will not have that latency ?

Oh yeah i also using a midi keyboard (oxygen).

I hope someone is nice and kind enough to react on my newbiequestion.


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Ow,oke I'm learning stuff here.

So I shouldn't have probs with latency when I use the Logic instruments.

And what with New York Compression inside Logic?

Is that possible without having latency?

Thank You so much for the reaction on my newbie questions.

I will upload my profile soon and join the big logic forum .

Greetz from Belgium (monkeyland).

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