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Mixer Volume Levels Too Low [SOLVED]


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hey guys hope you can help me out with this problem im facing.


I just started using Logic pro 9 about a week ago and loving it. Im used to working with ableton so its been an adjustment but its worth it.


Anyway i am using NI Battery 3 and have it playing individual sounds through different aux channels. My problem is the mixer volumes are playing extremely low. For example my kick i have mixed at -8db but the volume bar shows its output volume at -24db ? This is happening with all my sounds. Also i checked all the volumes levels in Battery and they are set to 0.


Someone please help me out !


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The fact that you've brought the fader down by 8 dB (gain) doesn't mean that the level of the kick will be at 8dB in that scale. You've also got the scale set to exponential, which makes it look like things are sounding softer than they actually are. Control-click the cale next to the first chanel in the mixer to set it to "Sectional dB-linear".



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