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moving project to another drive *audio file missing*


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:D hi all


When i'm moving a completed project off my computer and onto my external drive, the next time i open the project, from the drive (yes the original gets trashed) Logic always says it can't find audio files (always ones off my computer, not external). eg; Audio file “Bluezone-Robotic-sou#1380A4.wav” not found!


Then when i find manually, i import the file, all seems fine until i try to save and Logic copy's the file into the project and says *File with specified name and version number already exists*


Great, so i have been renaming the audio files for importing and this seems to work, is there an easy solution?


i couldn't easily find a thread on here about this


Thanks for your time!




iMac 3.2ghz logic pro 8

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