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No MIDI output from Logic 8 to Korg X5D

I, Brian

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I'm having real problems setting up my Kord X5D with Logic 8 on an iMac.


I've connected the MIDI out/in to an M-Audio device which connects via USB to to back of the iMac.


And the USB M Audio device is showing up in the list of MIDI instruments in Logic.


I can play existing Logic virtual instruments fine on the X5D as a MIDI keyword, but I just can't play/record the X5D synth sounds to play/record them in Logic.


This issue is causing a lot of despair. Anyone able to help, please?

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Yep, been through this with Apple support before.


However, I notice in Logic, while it displays MIDI in as active, there's no output showing for MIDI out, which I suspect may be the problem.


But I'm at a loss to find where I've gone wrong, which is extremely frustrating, as means I can't work on my normal compositions. :(

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First steps:


1) Create an external MDII track.

2) In the Library, choose the MIDI output port of your M-Audio interface (that is connected to your synth's MIDI in).

3) Plug headphones into the synth's headphones outputs, and playback a recording of a MIDI sequence you've made onto the external MIDI track.

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