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Transferring Logic to a new platform

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It's time for me to stretch myself and go for a Mac Mini Server; it is just too irresistible.


What is the recommended way to configure my new Mac so's to be where I am now on my 2006 Macbook Pro but with super-duper processing capability and heaps of space?


I saw a recommendation on here that a complete re-install is the advisable route, but that's an awfully tall order (Logic 7, then all subsequent updates/upgrades, then all my plug-ins and soft synths etc.).


Is there an easier, less time consuming route, which doesn't carry any penalties?



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Note that if you're installing Logic 8 or Logic 9 you don't have to first install Logic 7.


Thanks David. So if I only have the Logic 8 Upgrade, and Logic 9 Upgrade, then I don't need to re-install Logic 7 at all, which I have the full version of (with the SIM key). I can start by installing the Logic 8 upgrade set, then upgrade to 9, right?


If that is the case, it saves quite a bit of time.

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