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Anyone use Waves C6 to sidechain duck low frequencies?

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Ok anyone that knows their way around a Waves C6, could you tell me how to set it up so that:


-I want to duck a synth with a kick

-I want to duck all frequencies below 150 Hz and that's it

-I'm confused as to which bands need activating, the range value, etc.


I thought I had set it up correctly, but the compressor is activated even when the kick is not playing, I have the kick as the sidechain, and the compressor seems to be letting only the low frequencies through, which is the opposite of what I want.


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I don't have C6, but at least it looks like that you are not ducking the lowest band, the one that has the crossover at 100Hz in the picture. Hit bypass on every other band, no solos, set the frequency to 150Hz (or whatever sounds good), set the sidechain on that lowest band to 'external', then tweak the Threshold to taste.





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I don't have C6 either, but two things are immediately apparent: 1. All your tresholds are at 0. That means that no compression will happen anyway.

2. You have soloed the low band, meaning you will only hear that one.

If you want the soloed one to be the only one doing any compressing, you'll need to drop its treshold until it actually starts doing some compression, and of course unsolo it to hear the rest of the frequencies.

3. Is the sidechain button at the bottom in the right position?

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if you press the "internal" button it will switch to "external" which will be your sidechain input.

by the way i am trying to using it for the same reason and even though i can do the ducking effect i am confused on why it seems to strongly colour the sound even when all bands are bypassed, has anybody got an idea on how to stop this?

so that i can really only effect the band i don't bypass.


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