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Playback plug-in: delay and adds short fade in?

Vincent BURLOT

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I'm pro-musicman, and I work with Mainstage 2 until 3 years and I've always the same problem.

When I do "PLAY" in Playback (with a MIDI keyboard or with the mouse), the music arrive with delay and a small and short Fade in. But my soucy is that it's not always! Sometimes, the same music begin well and 15 minutes if I do "play", there is the problem.

I have put 64 or 32 BUFFER E/S, but it doesn't change anything. It's note easy to play on a playback with play-delay…

Nobody can help me since i've bought Mainstage 2. If there is somebody in this forum, I would be so happy!



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Thanks for your answer. I think it's a good solution… but sometimes, I begin the song only acoustic and the Playback is coming during the song and it must be with precision… But I'll try your solution and I give news. I think it's a big default of this application, the only one for me, but not a small…!



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If it is a predefined length of intro, you can just record more click at the beginning.

What I do is use a separate playback for click that has vocal cues( one, two, three....)

So I am not caught off guard when playing alone over a click for intros or Segway.

If you have a foot controller, you can set markers and extend these parts as long as you want.

Hope that helps.

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Good God...adding a click to all my Playback tracks!!!?


That sounds like a HORRIBLE work around, and I wouldn't even bother with Mainstage if that was the case.


My Playback loops (I have up to 20 in some songs) all work perfectly.



I'm not sure what your problem is, but I can hazard a guess (if it isn't Buffer settings)


1. Decide if you need PB loops to sync to tempo.

This is an important decision: are your songs always performed at the same tempo? Do you need to be able to adjust tempo on the fly?


2.Playback loops must first be run through Apple Loops Utility before being inserted into Playback.

This is a HUGE determiner as to how well your loops will play!

Sometimes I import my loops into Playback and they sound like absolute garbage, (delay/garbled/pitch shifted etc)

The solution: fire up Apple Loops Utility and re-work them until they sound good in Playback.


3. Decide on a "PER LOOP" basis how you want it to be triggered.

(On the next beat? On the Bar?) If you want tempo control, you need to activate the SYNC button.


4. If the "Beat" setting isn;t accurrate enough for you, DOUBLE, heck TRIPLE the tempo.


Do all of those steps, and I doubt very much you will have any more problems with your Loopbacks not coming in on time.

(Unless of course you are very drunk when you perform, and you keep missing the beat!!javascript:emoticon(':lol:')



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