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Logic 9 CPU use stays high with transport off...normal?

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I've recently noticed in one project that CPU use goes up only when the transport starts (which seems normal), but then stays up and doesn't come down again, even when transport stops and I switch to other applications. This doesn't seem right to me, though maybe I'm not understanding something.


Rough numbers of the situation: goes up to 50% cpu use in a dual-Intel 3.3Ghz iMac; a few space-designers and Ozones in the session, and a couple of very short Melodyne sections on a vocal.


CPU use starts out about 13% before the transport is engaged (which seems normal for Logic, checking with other sessions I have), but then goes up to 50% and stays there until I close the session, even if I'm not in Logic or transport is off.


What could cause Logic to want 50% of the CPU when nothing's happening?


I tried turning plug-ins off, and it seems the usage is traceable to the Space Designers and Ozones, which I understand when the transport is engaged and they're actually being used; but that doesn't explain the on-off issue for me.




Steven Rowat

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