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EXS24piano-load project is now playing sinewave etc and no..


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I've just loaded up a ideas project, basically a lot of different riffs, motifs - quite a few tracks long - of different and non related ideas.


All of them are using the EXS24 classical piano, I find it quick and easy just to get things down (can come comeback to them later on a brand new project).


The thing is, most of them don;t sound like a piano anymore, a few of them are now the EXS24 Sine Wave, others have suddenly changed to a bass synth bass preset, or something else.


I've left all the factory samples and sampler instruments on the main hard drive where they were first installed, nothing has been moved.


Any ideas why this may have happend?

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Seems like Logic cannot locate the samples... did you get any kind of alert when opening the project? If yes, what does the alert say exactly?


Hi David


Didn't get any alert of any kind, can't think why it would happen or how Logic couldn't locate the samples.

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