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Logic 8 MIDI Crash [SOLVED]


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Hi Guys,


First and foremost I want to say hello! I have stalked this forum many times to work out problems and I am grateful for the sound advice found here. Secondly, I would like to highlight that I do not use Logic, so please excuse any ignorance I might display. I am however an IT Tech at a school who attempts to look after our Mac suites and I have a problem...


I have a suite of macs that have Snow Leopard installed with Logic Express 8. When they add a new external midi and double-click the icon to bring up the menu (GM Device, as per screenshot) the menu pops up and instantly disappears. This obviously makes it impossible for students to pick the correct sound etc. This is also replicated if they instead open up the mixer and attempt to double click the small green icon at the bottom of the instruments settings and attempt to change the sounds this way.




In addition, if they continue to attempt this, the entire program will eventually crash.


My limited knowledge of Logic means I am having difficulty troubleshooting this. My only lead is a Library issue that might have stemmed from using a single image to image the entire suite, however I have since tried clean installs on test machines and keep getting the same problem.


I am hugely grateful of any advice on this matter.

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