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A quick way to browse Logic's individual drum samples in ESX


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Hi everybody.


The aim here is to be able (using only Logics built in samples) to quickly browse through a folder of kicks, snares etc to build up a kit step by step.


I have noticed in Ultra beat you can use the 'Import' button to browse to a kick bank for example or a snare bank which is spot on however there is just a handful of samples in each of the Ultrabeat banks e.g. Analogue kick bank etc.


ESX24 seems to have way more samples at you disposal. However if I try and do something similar in the ESX24, create a zone, then load sample, although I can browse to a 'Single drums' folder and there are folders such as 'Acoustic kicks', instead of being able to click on Acoustic kicks and quickly go through a list of kicks to audition and then select one, each kick sample is seperated into its own individual folder, so you have to go into a folder to listen to a kick, come out of that folder go into the next folder to listen to the next one etc.


I hope this makes sense. Obviously when using your own samples which you might have seperated into kicks, snares etc this would be easy. Is there a way to do this easier if you are limited to Logics sounds only (in a teaching centre for example).


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks



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You could use a Spotlight search in the EXS 'load audio sample' window (eg. type '.aif') to find the samples and then make sure 'preview in EXS instrument' is ticked? The same could be done with Ultrabeat - either sampler will load AIFF or WAV samples with no problem...
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Hey Involver...


Nice one. Busy perios at work so only just got to look at this.


I hadn't thought of that although searching for aif obviously brings up a load of samples that are not categorised in anyway. If I were to add 'kick' to the search, not many kick samples necessarily have 'kick' in their name.


Basically I wondered if there is a way similar to Reasons Factory Sound back, you can quickly cycle through a folder of kicks, snares etc. Again I am talking about Logic's stocks samples only and not how to do this with your own sample library.


I have set some macs up in a youthclub where we only use Logic and have no additional sample library at the moment. It would be nice for people to quickly be able to search kicks, snares etc in categorised folders.


Cheers for the suggeston.



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you have to go into a folder to listen to a kick, come out of that folder go into the next folder to listen to the next one etc.


Hi Nick, did you try using the Library? Here's my method:


1) Instantiate EXS24, open the Library.


2) Navigate to the Single Drum folder.


3) Choose whatever Kick sample I want.


There's no need to "come out of a folder" to select another kick. I can see my 3 folders (Acoustic, Electronic and Layer) in the left column, and the contents of the selected folder in the right column. As seen on the picture, a single click is all that's needed to select a different Acoustic Kick. To get into another folder, I select the folder, then the desired Kick sample in the right column.


I can also navigate the library with arrow keys, eliminating the need for any mouse clicks.

Hope that helps?


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Hi David


I didn't know you could do that! This method does indeed eliminate the problem of having to go in and out of a folder just to try one sample which is what happens if you use the 'load sample' method and then the exs24 browser.


I got very excited about this, but then noticed that once I have loaded a sample directly from the browser in that way and can audition with my keyboard, I then go to create a new zone so I can repeat the process and load another sample and I am then asked if I want to save the kit and what ever i choose replaces the other sample.


Is there no way to use this method but just keep adding more zones and loading more samples.


Thanks alot for your advice.



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Hi David.


I have followed it to the letter.


Im getting steps 1-3 and its a really quck and easy way to browse categorised samples...


Problem comes when I am ready to load another sample into the same esx24 using that method. Obviously I dont want to have to load a seperate esx24 for exach sample. Unless I am missing something this method lets you choose one sample and then if you repeat the process to load in a snare for example, it over rights the esx24 patch.


Sorry to be a pain...hopefully I am missing something here.


Thanks for getting back so quick



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To create a kit.


e.g. C1 - kick, D1 Snare, C1 Clap etc.


I know I can do the loading of samples by clicking load sample, but then I am back to the problem in my original post of not quickly being able to audtion Logic's samples in categories.


If you have ever created your own custom kit in Reasons Redrum for example, using the Reason factory soundbank, although you only have 10 slots, you can quickly go through a categorised folder for each slot.


Not to worry.


again thanks for your help on this.






Thanks for you input. The

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Ah ok I see what you mean. I don't have a super quick solution for you I'm afraid. You could use my method and write down which instrument you want to use for each drum, then build the kit. Or easier would be to set up two instrument tracks, one for the kit you're building, the other for you to browse sounds using my method. Then as you choose a new sample you create a new zone in the instrument for the kit you're building.


Best of luck!

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