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Im having trouble getting my melodies on beat


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Hey, I'm new to the beat making world and I'm having some troubles. I have a bunch of melodies that i record onto my akai mpk49, but they never stay within exactly 4 bars. Or maybe i will get it just 4 bars, but it ant loop right? Is there any tips/tricks i can do to avoid this? Also, is it all right if my melody is only 3 bars long or does that make everything else harder? Im a noob at this so I'm in dire need of help. People tell me change the tempo and stuff, but if i do that doesn't it speed up my melody? Any expert tips on getting a melody to fit a perfect loop? Oh one more question since I'm posting, when i set logic to loop 4 bars, ill record something. Is there anyway i can make it so when it loops while recording it erases what i just recorded? Kind of like a trial and error with recording, maybe ill record and mess up, instead of stopping and re recording can i just set it so after it loops it just automatically records over previous recordings like garageband? Sorry for the bad wording. Thanks!
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